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Life Line Lab's Mission

Life Line Lab wants to be the innovators that impact everybody in Malaysia and rest of the globe to better engage, understand and synergize with the medical industry and its functions without impacting the human centric.

Our Solutions

PHRPersonal Healthcare Record

  • Enables patient information and assessments to be organized in one place.
  • Enables self-recording of vital information with the options to integrate with medical devices.
  • Enables patients to have on the go access to all encounters, diagnosis, treatments and immunization history.
  • Enables patients to schedule appointments for any treatment and immunization.

CISClinical Information System

  • Easy Know-Your-Patient (KYP) with PHR integration.
  • Patient registration made easy via self-registration or MyKad readers.
  • Handles appointments scheduling, Electronic-Health-Records (EHRs), medical diagnosis and medication dispensing.
  • Handles billing and payments, including co-payments, unsettled transactions, daily cash, credit cards, e-wallets and all panel transactions.
  • Insight into inventory snapshot and sales of items/drugs at any point of time.
  • Ready APIs to integrate with any TPA

TPAThird Party Administrator

  • Enables benefits to be tailored and best suited to the organization.
  • Provides access to networks of healthcare providers.
  • Consolidated billing across vendors for health plan services.
  • Handles medical claims processing according to applicable regulations.

SCMSupply Chain Management

  • Enables centrally control and link production, shipment, and distribution of an item.
  • Provides insight into inventory snapshot and sales of items at any point of time.
  • Provides access to networks of organizations involved in the manufacture and sale of a product or service.
  • Keeps track of purchase order, goods received and good returned on the go.

DDFNDigital Distributed Farming Network

  • Enables farmspace as a service, with ready greenhouse land, equipped with fertigation, hydroponic and aquaponic technologies.
  • Provides access to networks of new generation of business mentors, technology experts, farmers and agripreneurs.
  • Detailed insight into farm operations and financial data.
  • Observes crop production trends, with crop history details, crop rotation pattern, crop pricing, etc.
  • Provides payroll management to farm workers through a built-in payroll module.
  • Provides kickstarting financial support for pre-harvest period of first crop cycle.

EduAppEducation Management

  • Enables parents to keep track of their children's academic needs and advancements at any point of time.
  • Enables parents to pay their children's tuition fees online and on time.
  • Provide a robust communication tool between school and parents for all events, management and personal issues.
  • Enables school to manage rosters for current staff serving in the school.
  • Handles subject allocation, timetable scheduling and teacher distribution prudence.

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